About Al Nour

Elevating neon lights through technology

We produce LED neon lights, a unique style of tables that combines functionality, aesthetics, and energy-efficiency. It is our goal to build technology and a strong user-experience that makes customising and purchasing neon lights more accessible for everyone.

We are a group of tech experts in Berlin, and design professionals in Milan that came together for the love of design, simplicity and innovation.

A factory upgraded for e-commerce

Our factory is located in Pero, Italy and has been operating in sign production since 1973.

In 2019, we initiated a comprehensive revolution that enabled our factory to transform and innovate itself. He provided technological resources to aid communication between production and the technical department, and completely re-organised the manufacturing process.

The fundamental asset Al Nour is leveraging is the decade-long experience of the specialised craftsmen who contribute to an impeccable product. At the factory, the lights are put through the various processing stages.